Why Daughters of Destiny is Needed

Through the Transformational Journey, Daughters of Destiny is reaching and discipling women while incarcerated and upon release.

People need God’s love and goodness in their lives, especially those who want to change for better.

The majority of women in prison want to change so they will make better choices returning to society after release.

God changes all who ask Him. He knows what needs changing for each one and how to do it for the long term.

Women in prison need to hear about God’s desire and ability to change them. In addition, these women need opportunities, encouragement, and guidance to grow in relationship with God and to receive God’s goodness and power for change.

God’s change has prompt and long lasting benefits for:

  • Each inmate reached.
  • Her children and family.
  • The community each one re-enters upon release.
  • Our country.

The need for intervention among female inmates nationwide is increasing because the female inmate population is increasing. Law enforcement and criminal justice systems throughout the states are waging war on drugs by arresting, convicting, and incarcerating all involved, including women. Many are wives and moms with young children. Nearly all incarcerated will be released sooner or later.

The critical questions to evaluate intervention are:

  • How much guidance and help has each inmate received and accepted that leads her to actual change in heart and mind before release?
  • Who is in the community that each released inmate goes who will personally commit to encourage and assist the parolee as she re-enters our society?

Daughters of Destiny is an effective and proven faith-based response that excels on both of these critical areas. It works because the Full Circle Ministry reaches inmates with the life-changing power of Jesus Christ, nurturing each woman in faith and life. Upon release, Daughters of Destiny continues the relationship indefinitely through one-on-one interaction for each parolee with a trained volunteer woman on the outside.  In effect, Daughters of Destiny provides a net of grace that provides spiritual, emotional, and social support. The programs make all this available to women in prison and those released across our country.

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