Topeka Women’s Prison Concert

Used-on-fb-4-21-2015 The event went well!!

 I was on an operating room table Friday afternoon with a urologist surgeon digging around in my kidney trying to remove kidney stone fragments from an earlier     procedure.  Did not know how I was going to make it to the event.  Jennie has been preparing for some time to give her talk and I did not want to miss it.  Well, I made it and Jennie did a fantastic job.  She was very well received by the women afterward.

Our choir was amazing and their praise along with the women’s had to reach the thrown of God Saturday night.  

Can you imagine that about 8 years later, after Jennie heard Mel at a yard event, that Jennie would be out and speaking in a prison. She got special permission from her p.o. and the prison to claim what Jesus has done for her!!!  Only Jesus can do that kind of stuff!!  

One young girl told Jennie she had just got there and has three years to do.  She did not know how she was going to make it but after listening to Jennie she now had the hope she needed to get through.  Maybe we were there just for her!!!  

Afterwards the bleachers empty out and the choir was kinda all in a line and all the ladies went through shaking hands and hugging us thanking us for coming.

It was a total PRAISE JESUS EVENING!!!!  You know, not enough words to describe how the Holy Spirit can work amongst us!!!


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