Madison, IN Women’s Prison report

Thank you for your prayers for the Daughters Team in Madison IN, this past weekend. Here is their report:
Dear Prayer Supporters:

God blessed us with an amazing, Spirit-filled weekend all the way through. On the plane home yesterday I asked Linda Hayes, my travelling companion, what the highlight of the weekend was for her. She said, “the incredible transformation and joy spilling out everywhere¬†Saturday night as they sang and shared testimonials of God’s goodness.” It is something to see what God does in such a short period of time. We did 6 hours of seminar there. A lot a healing took place.

Sunday was certainly a new experience for me. Let me tell you, the juvenile prison is VERY different from the adult women’s prison. Even though the current population of the juvenile prison was only about 60, 35 of these 12-18 year old girls attended. It was a maximum security facility. They take the word “squirrelly” to a whole new level. At first I couldn’t understand why there would be 5 guards in a small room with only 35 girls. It was only about 3 minutes before I figured that one out. In spite of the disruptions, many met the Lord. The response at the end was very encouraging. Several spoke to me afterwards with grateful hearts and new commitments. My main focus there was to invite them into salvation and give them hope for healing in Christ.

Some of you knew the specific challenges I had going in with travel schedules and what-not. And then, just to make things interesting, we had a big snow storm blow in Sunday precipitating a quick change in plans, and a white-knuckle drive to Indianapolis. It all worked though. God is good. Very glad to be home. Very tired. But who can complain when you get to witness many lives changed! I love what I get to do!

May the joy of the Lord bless you today,
Cyndy Sherwood & Team

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