Helping Inmates and the Newly Released

The life-stories of the thousands of women who Daughters of Destiny staff, volunteers, and ministry partners relate with inside prisons and released from prison have frequent themes about their past.

  • Sexual and physical abuse at home, often beginning in childhood.
  • Exposure to drug and alcohol abuse when young.
  • Physical and emotional abuse in relationships with men.
  • Personal drug and alcohol abuse and related illegal activity.
  • Bondage to drugs, alcohol, and anger that left them out of control.
  • Feeling trapped in lives and relationships that were destructive.
  • Desperate need for help to change but not sure where to look.
  • Shame, regret, and hopelessness.

The stories come out while God is at work to bring about His change.  Daughters of Destiny volunteers have the privilege of hearing the stories as well as participating with and observing God’s work.

In love and grace, God offers His forgiveness. Inmates recognize hope for their lives in the Gospel and respond. They receive forgiveness and adopt truths that enable the women to release their bondage, shame, and regret to God. The stories and tears reflect old chains of bondage broken and left on the side of the road from the cross toward freedom and new life with Jesus.

Women begin journeys to freedom through all the Transformational Journey  initiatives. Each progressive step into more intensive relationship with women of faith provides opportunities to learn more of God’s truth, receive His deliverance, and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Daughters’ stories show their journeys. You may read some in our newsletter, Changing Lives, and our newspaper for women in prison, Daughter’s Journal. Note glimpses of life before the Cross and the change God has brought these ladies through. Notice all are still Daughters of Destiny and will always be. None are finished with the journey but lasting change has taken root, they have a new destiny.