Healing in Kansas Women’s Prison

We had a truly wonderful weekend at the Topeka prison. We had 2 maximum security groups Friday night and 1 medium security unit Saturday with about 175 attending altogether. It’s hard to tell because you never know exactly what a “raised hand” means, but we likely had dozens of decisions for Christ and for His healing. They were so appreciative of our team being there. And get this: They were begging for more Bible study teachers to come in and lead Bible studies with them. Currently there is only one Bible study in one unit. There is a ground team at that prison (meaning a local group who goes in every week to lead a Bible study) and they are very interested in bringing the Healing Journey Class to this prison. Please pray that the Lord will raise up more women to go in and lead Bible studies and pray the Lord will open the door for the Healing Journey Class. Topeka is a very fertile field ready for harvest.
May the joy of the Lord bless you today,
Cyndy Sherwood



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