Training Snapshot

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The Daughters of Destiny’s Transformational Journey is implemented by trained volunteers, partner ministries, and speakers serving in their communities or in prisons they travel to. We equip and empower these people through training, resources, guidance, and encouragement provided through the Volunteer Training section of this site and Area Leadership Teams throughout the country.

This site provides a complete online training program built on a system that has proven effective and easy to use. There is a module for each part of the Transformational Journey.  The training path leads you to develop your ministry activity so at the conclusion you are ready to serve and the doors will be open.

Training materials include resources that help you present the Gospel, teach the Bible, lead worship, and if needed, open-up your place to serve. There are educational materials that help you understand inmates, prison systems, spiritual issues inmates face, and so on. Training equips you for success in ministry.

Access to the secured training section of this site is given after completing our Application. Volunteers, partners, and speakers apply to fulfill roles in one or more area of the Transformational Journey and train only for that area of activity. Volunteers pace themselves through the training module(s) for their area of service. There are no assignments to complete, deadlines, or due dates. All that you need is Internet access and a little computer experience.

We encourage groups of women to apply together, train, and then serve as a team dedicated to one or more parts of the Transformational Journey. Those in groups may complete training together or individually. All involved must complete the training for the types of ministry they participate in. Ministry experience with prisoners or people released from prison is not needed.

See Why Daughters of Destiny for more on why volunteer and Get Involved for more on how to become a Daughter of Destiny volunteer.