Pray for Daughters of Destiny

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God hears our prayers and responds with His grace and power for the people we pray for and their situations.

Prayer and faith go together. Our faith is reflected in our initiative to pray. If we didn’t have faith we wouldn’t pray!

Prayer and passion go together. Our passion for what we pray is reflected in the frequency and deliberation of our prayers. Passion also shows in our personal investment and involvement in the lives of those we pray for. God listens to our prayers but He also looks for the desire in our hearts and lives.
Please pray for Daughters of Destiny ministry of trained volunteers and ministry partners who nurture and encourage women who need Jesus. The ministry is built on the heart-felt initiative of women of faith who lead ladies to Jesus Christ for His transforming work in their lives.

We invite you to explore this site to learn more about Daughters of Destiny and what to pray for. Here is a short list.

  • Daughters of Destiny volunteers, ministry partners, and speakers implementing the Transformational Journey programs throughout our country.
  • Women in prison hearing the Gospel and biblical instruction through our volunteers conducting our programs and quarterly newspaper going into prisons, Daughter’s Journal.
  • Daughters Free who we reached in prison and continue to serve now as they re-enter our communities. These women are being nurtured and encouraged in faith and life by trained Daughter of Destiny volunteers and partners in the communities where the Daughters live.
  • Daughters of Destiny Executive Leaders. Learn more about Annie and Mel Goebel in Our Leaders.
  • Ministry events in women’s prisons throughout the country. See Latest News and Newsletter to request the Changing Lives newsletter for more on upcoming events.
  • Daughters of Destiny volunteers training for ministry activity and for women of faith around the country whom God is calling to volunteer.
  • The financial support Daughters of Destiny needs to sustain and expand the ministry.
  • Yourself and your connection with Daughters of Destiny as one who prays, volunteers, or gives. Please ask God how He would have you respond further.

Thank you for praying for Daughters of Destiny.