Transformation Journey

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Special Events

Special Events in prisons are the initial outreach among the inmates; their introduction to Daughters of Destiny and the Transformation Journey. Special Events are usually for large groups of inmates in the gym, cafeteria, or outdoor prison yard. Daughters of Destiny staff members and volunteers lead worship, share inspirational testimonies, and present the Gospel to invite the ladies to receive salvation. Those who respond to salvation are also invited to register into our data base and receive a membership card. We call them Daughters of Destiny because they are Daughters of their heavenly Father with a new destiny.Volunteer ministry teams from the local area and/or teams that travel conduct Special Events. Teams include worship leaders, speakers, and people to talk and pray one-on-one with inmates.

Training materials in this site help you get ready through specific guidance to develop and present a complete and effective Special Event.  The Daughters of Destiny National Office staff will also assist if needed.


Seminars are large-group sessions that volunteer teams present for Daughters in prisons. This is the second stage of the Transformation Journey. Seminars are teaching opportunities. Topics cover the truth about emotional and spiritual lies that often hold female inmates in cycles of repeated incarceration.  Other topics teach on biblical themes. Training materials in this site provide materials for several Seminars of tremendous value to an Inside Daughter.

A team may develop its own Seminar(s) program. Speakers who have dedicated their ministry to a specific topic or area of ministry are a tremendous benefit to the ladies. Seminar events also include invitations for salvation because the sessions are open to entire prison populations. In this way, Seminars also expand Daughters of Destiny ministry in prisons and provide a second point of entry into the Transformation Journey. Volunteer teams might develop one or more Seminars on specific topics and then travel to present each Seminar.

Worship sets and invitations can be developed to complement Seminar topics. Local teams might develop one Seminar and present it, then develop another to present in a month or two at the same facility. The National Office will provide guidance and assistance with your Seminar ministry.

Bible Study/Life Groups

As in Seminars, you may also develop or bring your own Bible study material to use in compliance with the Daughters of Destiny Statement of Faith. The Area Leadership Team or Nataional Office is available for support and assistance.

Since traveling teams of volunteers are available for Special Events and Seminars it is very easy for a small group of women to commit to building and sustaining one or more Bible Studies in a nearby prison facility. Bible Study ministry volunteers may limit the number of Daughters in a group.

Bible Studies are regular small-group classes led by Daughters of Destiny ministry volunteers from the local area going into a prison.Conversation prompted through your study of God’s Word, intercessory prayer, and relationships in the small-group make this an important part of the Transformation Journey. Bible Studies provide the best opportunity for Daughters to grow in their faith and embrace God’s transformation of their lives. Regular Bibles Studies are essentially sisters in Christ who pursue Him together and find themselves changed by Jesus along the way. This happens because of the consistent and personal interaction among the ladies in the group and your leadership; the Daughters of Destiny Bible Study volunteer.The Training section of this site provides curriculum resources that are especially suited for female inmates and the Daughters of Destiny Ministry. The resources equip and empower you for this leadership role. Bible Study leaders usually find they gain more than they give. They give a lot simply being a sister who desires to follow Jesus, opens God’s Word to share His truth, prays for the group members, and follows the Holy Spirit’s lead.

Women 4 Women

Women 4 Women (W4W) are volunteers corresponding with an Inside Daughter. This happens when Daughters request a correspondence relationship for Christian discipleship with a woman of faith on the outside. This is a standard check-box item on the Daughters of Destiny registration form provided to inmates at Special Events and Seminars. Our National Office matches a Women 4 Women volunteer with each Inside Daughter who requests this relationship. Volunteer training is very easy and short. The rewards, to both women in these relationships, are amazing. Your commitment is simply to correspond meaningfully and faithfully. Women 4 Women relationships end when the Daughter is released from prison.

Free Daughter Church Connection/Welcome Mentor

Daughters of Destiny who have been enrolled in our data base when in prison may request a Church Connection upon release. The Daughter’s initiative is required. She does this very easily by checking a box on her sign up brochure and giving the city and state of her release. She may also request Church Connection with a letter, phone call, email or simply through the Free Daughter Welcome on the website. The National Office then matches each Daughter with a Christian Church in her community with an outreach program, recovery program, active Daughters volunteet team/lady so she knows she will be Welcome. She must first be a member and committed to following Jesus.

Welcome Mentors is made up of local Churches, volunteers, and Ministry Partners who relate face-to-face with a Daughter released from prison and entering America’s communities.These Welcome Mentors are a critical part of the Transformation Journey. For the volunteer, it is simply a commitment to be in relationship, walking with a Free Daughter as she navigates often challenging transitions into our society. First and foremost the Welcome Mentor is there to welcome her back into the community and invite he to church and model a healthy relationship in Jesus. As the relationship grows she may be led by the Holy Spirit to help the Free Daughter in a deeper mentoring relationship with her transitional challenges. Some of the critical challenges Daughters face are: locate housing, transportation and gain employment. Your Welcome Mentor training, delivered through this site, and the National Office prepare you for this role and provide you with all the resources necessary for success. This is a part of the Daughters of Destiny ministry that provides life-long benefits to the Free Daughter.

When you are on our Welcome Mentor volunteer list we contact you, the Welcome Mentor, about the need and opportunity when an ex-prisoner is comeing to your community. Once the match is completed, we provide you with everything we know about the individual Daughter. You then make contact to start your Welcome Mentor relationship.