Clarify Your Passion

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If needed or desired, here are some suggestions to clarify your passion and calling for volunteer ministry among women in prison or those released from prison.

Talk with God about how He would have you become involved. Review the Transformational Journey  summary above as you listen for God’s voice and direction. Ask Him what He would like you to know and then spend time listening to Him and for His desires for you.

Tell some trusted friends what you hear from God and what you are thinking. Ask for their impressions about how you or your group might fit into the Daughters of Destiny programs.

Identify your best starting point in the Transformational Journey Programs . Keep in mind that each part of the journey is a direct connection to the women we serve and a part of the net of grace Daughters of Destiny weaves nationwide. Also, keep in mind:

  • It is okay to start in only one area of ministry. For you, it might be the best way to start. Each volunteer, partner, and speaker adds to the network of grace for women who need and want Jesus and you in their lives.
  • An Area Leadership Team (also volunteers) is ready to talk, pray, assist, and work with you however you request. These mature and experienced advisors do not take over for you but are extremely valuable ministry friends and consultants. They have listening ears, valuable experience and knowledge to share, plus helping hands.
  • We have easy and effective training plus resources and teaching materials available through this site. We can assure you will be ready and equipped for any part of the Transformational Journey.
  • Entrance into prisons is no problem. The Daughters of Destiny program is becoming known and welcome. We prepare you for the environment inside. Area Leadership Teams and the National Office help prepare your way in.
  • Volunteers, partner ministries, and speakers do pay their expenses.