Application to Volunteer, Partner, or Speak & Teach

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Thanks for your interest as a Daughters of Destiny volunteer.

We invite women (individuals and groups), established prison ministry organizations and churches, plus professional speakers and teachers to join us for Christian evangelism and discipleship through Special Events, Seminars, Life Groups , and Women 4 Women correspondence for women in prison, and with Daughters released from prison. To learn more about each of these ministry opportunities go to Get Involved and Training Snapshot.

The Daughters of Destiny volunteer application process is simple whether applying as an individual, as individuals making a group of two or more who desire to serve together, or as a ministry partner.  Individuals must apply even if coming as a group. A leader of an established prison ministry may apply for the entire organization or church.  The form asks you to identify your group and we will keep individual applications together as a group.

  1. Complete and submit the Application for yourself. You may print the Application Document, write your information, and send to us by U.S. Mail. Or, you may open the Online Application, make your entries, and click the submit button.
  2. Daughters of Destiny staff at the National Office will review your application and let you know once it is processed.
  3. The National Office will return our response and instructions for your training so you may get involved as soon as possible.


Online Application Form:

Name and Contact

* First Name: * Last Name:
* Phone (office): * Phone (cell):
* Phone (home): * Street Address:
(include apt #)
* City: * State:
* Zip Code: Address for mail:
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* Email:
* Group or Partner Ministry Name:

Your Volunteer Interests

Individual volunteer (whether you want to work alone or join a group)
One of a group or team for volunteer ministry together
Please give the names of the others in your group:
Ministry Partner (already established and doing ministry to female inmates and/or women released from prison)
Speaker/Instructor (Special Event or Seminar speaker and teacher on topics and content you select or that Daughters of Destiny assigns)

Ministry element(s) you want to participate in:
(mark all that apply for yourself, your group, or your ministry)

Special Events for outreach in prisons
  • Worship leader
  • Worship team member
  • Event speaker
  • Event counselor/prayer team member
Seminars for biblical instruction and worship in prisons
  • Worship leader
  • Worship team member
  • Seminar team leader/speaker
  • Seminar counselor/prayer team member
Life Group Bible Studies for small groups in prisons
  • Life Group leader
  • Life Group co-leader with another woman of faith
Women 4 Women relationship through correspondence for mentoring one or more Daughters Inside
Discipleship Network relationship face-to-face for mentoring Daughter(s) Free who are released from prison in my area
Instruments you play:

(For individuals or groups of women, not established ministries seeking a partnership.)

Please tell us briefly about any previous ministry experience you have had among women, women in prison, or women released from prison.:
Church Name: Address:
Phone: Pastor:

(For individuals or groups of women only. Please, no family members, and not people in the group you apply with.)

Name: Phone: Relationship:
Name: Phone: Relationship:

Please read the following Daughters of Destiny Statement of Faith.

We believe in one God and Master of the universe, the Trinity, including the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

We believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary, lived a life without sin, died an atoning death on the cross, rose from the dead and ascended into heaven where He is the only mediator between God and man.

We believe the Bible is God's inspired Word, authoritative and complete. It is without error in all its teachings. We believe Christians must submit to its divine authority in all matters of belief and conduct, which is demonstrated by a life of godly words, actions, and reactions.

We believe that all people are sinners and fall short of the mark, making them unable to see God's kingdom, except by being born again. This justification comes by grace and through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

We believe in one holy, universal Church. This Church is called to worship God and witness to others concerning His Son, Jesus Christ, preaching the Good News of the Gospel wherever and whenever possible. We believe part of this preaching involves lovingly serving others and ministering to their physical, material, and emotional needs, as well as to their spirits. We believe that the work of the Holy Spirit is both vital and necessary for the individual's new birth and growth to maturity as a believer in Christ.

We believe that Jesus Christ will personally and noticeably return in glory to bring salvation and judgment to completion. We further believe God will fully manifest His kingdom when He establishes a new heaven and new earth, in which He will be glorified forever, and exclude all evil, suffering, and death.

Do your beliefs align with the Daughters of Destiny Statement of Faith?
Yes No

Do you commit to pray regularly for Daughters of Destiny and encourage others in your circle of influence to do the same? This includes praying about how you conduct Daughters of Destiny ministry, praying for your ministry part, that of your team, and of Daughters of Destiny ministry in general.
Yes No

When volunteering for or otherwise representing Daughters of Destiny, are you willing to teach, speak, pray, relate, behave, and minister in ways consistent with the Statement of Faith?
Yes No

Are you willing to pay the expenses related to your volunteer/partnership ministry or, when appropriate, raise funds specifically for your ministry expenses?
Yes No

I understand that my services (or those of the named partner) are being offered on a voluntary basis, without anticipation of financial remuneration, and I shall indemnify and hold harmless Daughters of Destiny, its board and their officers, agents, representatives and employees, from and against all claims, demands, loss or liability of any kind or nature for any possible injury during voluntary service.
Yes No

I understand and agree to the terms of this application.
Applicant Signature:
Applicant's Title if applying as a Ministry Partner:
I understand that by typing my name in the Applicant Signature field I am signing this volunteer application.