Application to Volunteer, Partner, or Speak & Teach

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Thanks for your interest as a Daughters of Destiny volunteer. We have wonderful News!!

We invite women (individuals and groups), established prison ministry organizations and churches, plus professional speakers and teachers to join us for Christian evangelism and discipleship through Special Events, Seminars, Life Groups , and Women 4 Women correspondence for women in prison, and with Daughters released from prison. To learn more about each of these ministry opportunities go to Get Involved and Training Snapshot.

Daughters of Destiny  was recently acquired by Prison Fellowship to strengthen the reach to incarcerated women for giving them Hope through of the Gospel of Jesus and discipleship programs.  Please go ahead and click the application Document link below. This will now take you to the application on Prison Fellowship website. Mention on the app that you are interested in Daughters of Destiny volunteering.  This process will be updated shortly, but this works for now.

  1. Complete and submit the Application for yourself. Click here for the Application Document,  make your entries, and click the submit button.
  2. Remember to mention you want to participate with Daughters of Destiny!
  3. Rejoice with us as God brings these two prison ministries into one in the powerful name of Jesus!
  4. Email me any questions: