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Application to Volunteer, Partner, or Speak & Teach
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Daughters of Destiny volunteers, ministry partners, and speakers are part of a network of grace sharing God’s love and His Word in the Bible with incarcerated and newly released female inmates. Volunteers, partners, and speakers are at the heart of ministry activity, relating with the women we reach and mentor.

We equip volunteers, partners, and speakers to sow the seed, to water and nurture it through intentional relationships, and to experience first-hand God’s life-changing truth and power at work in women who need and want Him desperately. The other, often unexpected benefit is how volunteers experience God’s transformation in their lives through their own participation and also the response of the women served.

We invite women of faith to join us.

  • Individual women seeking a way to serve (husbands are needed and may serve with their wives).
  • Clusters of female friends or ladies prayer and study groups who want to work together.
  • Ministry groups, churches or organizations already doing ministry to female inmates or women released from prison.
  • Speakers or instructors who will bring biblical teaching and encouragement to enrich the lives and faith of women in prison.

Simply apply to become a Daughters of Destiny ministry volunteer, partner, or speaker. See the Application for more.  Your heart-felt desire to relate with women who seek Jesus and need your compassion is all that’s necessary to get started. Our site-based training and nation-wide organization guide you each step along the way.

Each part of the Full Circle Ministry offers an opportunity for serving. Understanding the circle will help you clarify your best way to become involved.