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Sharing your faith might be hard. Leaving your neighborhood, with gates and yards, to go behind prison gates and barbed wire might seem uncomfortable. Studying the Bible with women who have a very different past from yours might be awkward. Becoming friends with a woman released from prison might seem risky.

Hundreds of women who felt these ways have grown above the barriers and no longer have such thoughts. They gladly do what once seemed hard, awkward, or risky. These women (some with their husbands), all volunteers, are empowered because of the training, resources, and encouragement provided by Daughters of Destiny Prison Ministry.

Their lives are enriched, personally and spiritually, because they step out in faith and experience God moving with them and through them. It is always an amazing experience to be around when God is working and people are responding.

Daughters of Destiny volunteers, ministry partners, and speakers are empowered for ministry because they are moving forward from any step on this path:

  • Learning about Daughters of Destiny.
  • Seeking God on their best fit into the Transformational Journey.
  • Possibly talking with others about volunteering as a team or expanding their participation
  • Submitted an Application or in the process.
  • Completed training or in-process to be equipped to fulfill a part of the Transformational Journey Programs .
  • Asking God to work in and through themselves and their part in Daughters of Destiny ministry to women in prison and Daughters released from prison.
  • Sharing, teaching, mentoring, and relating with women who want God’s love, grace, and power in their lives.

Each step of this path is important; but each is only one step. Take them one at a time. Look through Why Daughters of Destiny, About Us, and Get Involved. Remember women naturally connect on their commonalities and build relationship from there. You are already connected with those in prison or released from prison. You are a person who needs God’s grace in your life. People help you receive that grace.

Listen for how your heart connects with ours. The heart-felt passion of Daughters of Destiny is leading women out of personal and spiritual brokenness to wholeness and abundant life in Jesus Christ through salvation by faith, God’s grace, and His transforming work. Daughters and volunteers both benefit. Perfect women need not apply!

We at Daughters of Destiny look forward to getting to know you and helping you become equipped and empowered for reaching out to women who want Jesus in their lives.

We are helping inmates and those released find new life…..

The life-stories of the thousands of women who Daughters of Destiny staff, volunteers, and ministry partners relate with inside prisons and released from prison have frequent themes about their past.

  • Sexual and physical abuse at home, often beginning in childhood.
  • Exposure to drug and alcohol abuse when young.
  • Physical and emotional abuse in relationships with men.
  • Personal drug and alcohol abuse and related illegal activity.
  • Bondage to drugs, alcohol, and anger that left her out of control.
  • Feeling trapped in lives and relationships that were destructive.
  • Desperate need for help to change but not sure where to look.
  • Shame, regret, and hopelessness.

The stories come out while God is at work to bring about His change.  Daughters of Destiny volunteers have the privilege of hearing the stories as well as participating with and observing God’s work.

In love and grace, God offers His forgiveness. Inmates recognize hope for their lives in the Gospel and respond. They receive forgiveness and adopt truths that enable the women to release their bondage, shame, and regret to God. The stories and tears reflect old chains of bondage broken and left on the side of the road from the cross toward freedom and new life with Jesus.

Women begin journeys to freedom through all the Transformational Journey Programs. Each progressive step into more intensive relationship with women of faith provides opportunities to learn more of God’s truth, receive His deliverance, and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Daughters’ stories show their journeys. You may read some in our newsletter, Changing Lives, and our newspaper for women in prison, Daughter’s Journal. Note glimpses of life before the Cross and the change God has brought these ladies through. Notice all are still Daughters of Destiny and will always be. None are finished with the journey but lasting change has taken root, they have a new destiny.

Transformational Journey

The net of grace spread by Daughters of Destiny is woven by our trained volunteers, ministry partners, and speakers who share biblical teaching, spiritual mentoring, and personal encouragement. The strength comes from God’s Word and His work in the Daughters’ lives through the Transformational Journey Programs .

It’s a progressive ministry, starting in prison and continuing through release and transition back into society. Our relationship continues as a spiritual and personal resource for as long as each Daughter desires. Daughters of Destiny is present through all the stages of incarceration, release, adjustment to independence, and, when each Daughter is ready, to help her give back as a trained volunteer in this ministry.

Special Events

Most Daughters enter the Sisterhood through Special Events inside prisons. These dynamic evangelistic programs include music, testimonies, and a clear presentation of the Gospel. The events attract entire prison populations. Inmates hear their need for salvation and the way by confession of sin and belief in Jesus Christ and His life-changing power. Every Special Event includes a compelling invitation and opportunity to respond.

Trained Daughters of Destiny volunteer ministry team members meet one-on-one with each woman who comes forward for counseling, conversation, and when ready, to confess sin, express belief, and receive the gift of salvation. One by one, women become Daughters of the King, encouraged and nurtured from the start as a Daughter of Destiny.

Each Daughter is encouraged to grow in faith and experience with God through the Daughter’s Journal delivered in prisons and our volunteer-led Seminars and Life Group Bible studies in their facilities, as well as the regular chapel programs provided by prisons.


Daughters of Destiny Seminars are large group sessions for worship and biblical teaching presented by trained volunteer teams in the prisons. Sessions are open to all inmates. Those attending are Daughters registered in the Sisterhood network, other believers, nominal Christians, and spiritual seekers. Invitations to salvation are given and women respond as in the evangelistic Special Events.

Seminars include rich worship and meaningful testimonies. Gifted and passionate teachers build solid biblical understanding. The ladies receive companion study materials and keep these for their personal review and further study. Seminar topics cover the Christian’s identity in Jesus, God’s love and forgiveness, His healing power and ability to transform our lives, how experience in God’s love and grace influences our relationships, the Christian’s behavior, the truth about our guilt, fear, anger, and lies believed that often trap women in cycles of crime and incarceration.

Our Seminars instill biblical truths that build a foundation for new ways of thinking and acting. The experience and content offered help the women recognize and welcome God’s transformation that releases them from the bondage of crime. Each session helps equip and encourage the ladies in their new lives.

Seminars provide Daughters of Destiny ministry teams more personal contact time with the Daughters Inside. They also provide a valuable opportunity to encourage Daughters to progress along the Transformational Journey to participate in Life Groups and correspond with a woman of faith through our Women 4 Women program.

Life Groups

Life Groups are small groups of Daughters Inside meeting with a trained Daughters of Destiny volunteer. Regular sessions extend the  Transformational Journey to deeper spiritual and relational levels. Bible studies build on Seminar teaching, address specific spiritual needs and questions of participants, and explore books of the Bible or selected sections.

Life Group sessions include prayer (intercessory, spiritual and emotional healing), personal interaction on spiritual matters, praise to God, and care for one another as sisters in Christ. This makes the Life Groups in prisons a key component for assuring the spiritual nurture of Daughters, maturing them in Jesus through the Transformational Journey. Life Group leaders are trained and supported by Daughters of Destiny to facilitate the ladies in understanding God’s Word and following the lead of God’s Spirit for all the spiritual growth He wants to accomplish. Resources are available through the training section of this site.

Women 4 Women

Our Women 4 Women correspondence program provides Daughters with an additional way to engage with women of faith.  Every Daughter Inside is encouraged to request a Woman 4 Woman relationship. The correspondence relationship officially ends when the Daughter is released from prison.

Daughter’s Journal

We send copies of our quarterly Daughter’s Journal into the prisons for delivery to Daughters and others through the chaplains. Each issue includes powerful stories about Daughters and their life-transforming experience with God. Articles offer biblical insights and encourage readers to dig into the Word for themselves. There is information about Daughters of Destiny ministry nation-wide so Daughters may pray in a more informed way for sisters elsewhere and know that others are doing the same for them.

Welcome Mentors and Churches

This program extends the Transformational Journey  outside prisons for Daughters Free who have been released from prison. This is a critical part of the net of grace, supporting and encouraging Daughters’ transition to freedom in society. Our trained volunteers, women of faith, and local churches connect locally for relationship with a Daughter that includes spiritual mentoring and personal encouragement. Daughters must request this relationship with a woman of faith and the Church Connection. Daughters want this type of relationship for their own discipleship because they have recognized the benefit of a spiritual mentor through Life Groups.
All together, the  Transformational Journey provides a net of grace for women who need Jesus Christ and are responding to Him. We invite women of faith to get involved as Daughters of Destiny volunteers at any one or more place in the Transformational Journey Programs. See Get Involved to learn more.