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Daughters of Destiny national women’s prison ministry is seeking women who once served time in a jail or prison to consider giving back to help meet the growing need of incarcerated women. Today, there are over One Million women behind bars!

Annie Goebel, president and an ex-offender herself said, “I was a school teacher in South Dakota and had completed my graduate degree. I was ashamed of my past and very few people knew I had been in prison. I had closed that chapter of my life and didn’t want to ever go back.” But God had other plans for her. While listening to a speaker one cold winter night she received a very unexpected invitation. God was calling ladies who had been in jail or prison at one point in their lives and were now walking victoriously in Christ to give back to help their sisters. “He sparked my spirit that night and I knew I was being called into action. The first time I went inside this was confirmed.” She realized that God wanted to use what the devil had intended as evil for good; for His glory. “One of the main lies that inmate women have believed since they were broken little girls is that they have no value. The ugliness of the sin they have been through beats that lie into them over and over again. But when God’s truth lights the way they begin to understand that even what lead them to where they are is of great value to the Lord. They are now perfect for reaching and discipling women who are still where they used to be. These women have the ‘roadmap’ to transformation in Christ. What a wonderful thing to share.”

I know there are hundreds of ladies just like me in communities across America leading productive lives. We need your gifts and talents to help us reach this army of broken women who are crying out for help!

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Debbie Moore said:
I have been writing to women in prison for quite awhile, over a year and I must say that this has been a real blessing for me personally the one young lady I've been writing from the very beginning has blessed me so much with her encouraging letters back to me! So it has been a double blessing for us both. I have grown to love her very much as my sister in Christ and I feel like this Ministry has really enriched my life in so many ways, I cannot name them all! I found out about this Ministry through my church and I am disabled and always looking for a way to help others depite my own limitations. There's not much I can physically do, but I CAN write and I CAN share my faith with other women. I just never expected the love I would get from the female inmates that I recieve on a regular basis. Windy and I write EVERY week, no matter what and she has liftes my spirits so many times and I pray that she will forever be a part of my life long after she gets released, but in the meantime, just keep our letters going back and forth. I truly feel like Daughters of Destiny has God's blessings on it and that it will continue to grow and be blessed. We all just have to support each other in every way we can. I offer much encouragement but get back even more than I give from the girls I write to. I pray for them and they have my family on the prayer list at the prison and for that I am truly thankful - for God listens to all those prayers also! Christian Love, Deb M.
Kay P said:
Thank you so much for all you have done and are doing for women in prison. I myself have been in the system for 9-1/2 years. I was saved in prison and not a day goes by that I do not thank God for setting in a place where I could not do anything but listen to him. All my life I was running away from him but He saved me. I have submitted my name as a speaker. I have written a book "Sentenced to LIfe" which is my story in fiction form. It can be viewed at my website. I want to share how God brought me out of a bottomless pit. Thank you again for all your are doing.
TIffany said:
I am so excited to have found this site! I, too, have been through the system, and gave great effort to hide this fact. However, recently, I felt a direct calling from God to open up, share my story of growth, redemption and transformation. I applaud your group's efforts and hope to be able to participate in the future.
Suzie S. said:
What a great idea! This will help ladies who have worried that because they were in prison they should be ashamed feel valued. THank you for calling them perfect!

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