Daughters visit Pocatella Idaho Women’s Prison

Meet Cindy. She lives in Pocatello Idaho. For years she was a mild mannered dental hygienist helping people with teeth issues. Then God called her to step out in faith and start the business she had always dreamed of having, a botique. CindyLouiseBotique is her dream job come true. In the midst of this God also called Cindy to go to a women’s prison. She was not sure and even a little afraid, but after just one visit she fell in love with the beautiful Daughters Inside. Cindy now leads a team of ladies from Lutheran Grace Church into the prison every third Sunday to share powerful lessons and love from Jesus. Listen to her share these two messages straight from down town Pocatella =)

Cindy shares with Daughters of Destiny how her dream job of owning a boutique is also a way to bless women just released from prision.

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Regina Halliday said:
This is a prime example of God working in and through us as a human race it's the way I believe he intended us to be with each other I thank him for the women of daughters of destiny when I was in prison this ministry helped me through one of the darkest times in my life.

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