Daughter of Destiny goes into Mormon Country to reach sisters in prison!

LisaBellMeet Lisa.  She is a Daughters of Destiny national speaker. She raises funds on her own so she may pay her expenses for travel anytime Jesus calls her to share His love inside a women’s prison.  This time it was the Utah Women’s Prison just outside of Salt Lake City, UT. The inmate ladies turned out to greet her and heard a powerful testimony of His love for Lisa and how He loves them just the same.  Lisa is funny and smart when she speaks, but most important she speaks the truth.  Here is what Lisa had to say, “It was excellent Annie! Blessed!  20 ladies joined the Daughters of Destiny sisterhood and 11 of those women that signed up wrote the day they gave their lives to Jesus was yesterday, 2/23/14; so apparently the Word of God was fully operational in their hearts. Although, the day started off rocky for me because we got lost and was a bit late, but God had the final victory and the day ended on a high, high note! The local volunteers where wonderful as well! In Christ Jesus, Lisa ”


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