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Breaking the Lies in Shakopee prison with JESUS!

The Prison Fellowship/Daughters of Destiny

event scheduled at Shakopee, MN tomorrow is on!
Pray with us for Daughters team led by Annie
as they share how to Break the Lies so many women believe
and replace the with the Word of God!
For the Glory of Jesus Christ!
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Into the STORM with JESUS!!

Please pray for Daughters Chicago team, led by Kay Panadero,
as they head to Texas women’s prison in Lockhart!!
We ask Jesus to calm Storm Harvey and keep them safe!
And that He protects the prison so the doors will stay open
for His Daughters to hear the Word and feel the Spirit of Jesus!
Thank you!
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Prison Fellowship’s Daughters of Destiny Team Goes Inside Los Angeles Jail with JESUS!!

Prison Fellowship/Daughters of Destiny team, led by Debbie Ormonde,

are privileged to meet with the ladies living in the Los Angeles Jail

Friday evening and Saturday morning!

Please pray for this team as they help the prisoners become

Finally Free with JESUS!!

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Lifting JESUS’ Name in Topeka Women’s Prison!!

Daughters team led by Kay Panadero and Shalene Rogg rockin the house in Topeka Correctional Facility this weekend!
Yay! i get to go this time… we will be in three max units Friday night and meet with med/min female prisoners in the gym on Saturday.
this is also our first event as part of Prison Fellowship staff included!!
Please pray for the hearts and souls of each prisoner as the name of Jesus is lifted up!
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Holy Spirit visits Women’s Prison South Miami!!!!

Daughters team led by Mary Ann Lee will be inside the women’s prison south of Miami tomorrow!!
The inmate ladies will attend a Seminar on Gifts and Fruit of the HOLY SPIRIT!!
Please pray for each woman to find the guidance of the Spirit in her life!
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Prison Fellowship acquires Daughters of Destiny Prison Ministry

It is with great pleasure I am announcing the joining of Daughters of Destiny with Prison Fellowship!                                                              

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 5, 2017- Prison Fellowship® announced today it will broaden its ministry to incarcerated women through the acquisition of Daughters of Destiny. 

“I am so thankful God is moving Daughters of Destiny to a larger platform by joining Prison Fellowship,” said Annie Goebel, Daughters of Destiny co-founder. “As a former prisoner, I believe inside every incarcerated woman is a little girl still believing lies about her dignity and self-worth. I am honored to represent her as Prison Fellowship and Daughters of Destiny bring hope and healing to many more incarcerated women and teen girls throughout the U.S.”

“I will be joining Prison Fellowship staff as part of the transition.”


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Radical Change in Denver Prison!!!

Daughters team will be inside Denver Women’s Prison Complex on Saturday!


There has already been warfare against this so we know it’s gonna be good!!


Please pray for God’s Will to be done inside the prison as they share His “Radical Change”!! in Jesus’ Name!

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Yes, Spiritual Gifts in Prison!!!

DOD Chicago team headed to Madison Women & Teens Correctional Facility this Friday!

Please pray for Redemption & Gifts of the Spirit lesson to be well received by the inmates,

in JESUS’ Name!

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Jesus calling Women out of Death and into Life!

Please join with us as we pray for Daughters of Destiny and Be Finally Free as they minister to the inmate ladies living in the LA county jail.


This coming Friday night and Saturday they will be taking the love of Jesus inside.


We pray each woman hears “JESUS” call her name out of death into life!

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Who Am I? What’s My Real Name? SD Prison women wonder…

Please pray for SD Daughters team led by Rita Myers.

They will be going inside the South Dakota Women’s Prison

Friday night and Saturday, March 31-April 1, to help the inmate ladies learn

“Who Am I, What is My Real Name?” with Jesus Christ!

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