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Yes, Spiritual Gifts in Prison!!!

DOD Chicago team headed to Madison Women & Teens Correctional Facility this Friday!

Please pray for Redemption & Gifts of the Spirit lesson to be well received by the inmates,

in JESUS’ Name!

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Jesus calling Women out of Death and into Life!

Please join with us as we pray for Daughters of Destiny and Be Finally Free as they minister to the inmate ladies living in the LA county jail.


This coming Friday night and Saturday they will be taking the love of Jesus inside.


We pray each woman hears “JESUS” call her name out of death into life!

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Who Am I? What’s My Real Name? SD Prison women wonder…

Please pray for SD Daughters team led by Rita Myers.

They will be going inside the South Dakota Women’s Prison

Friday night and Saturday, March 31-April 1, to help the inmate ladies learn

“Who Am I, What is My Real Name?” with Jesus Christ!

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Daughters team led by Carol Deblasis

is heading up to the FL women’s prison near Tallahassee

on Friday to meet with God’s beautiful Daughters.

Please support them with prayer as they lead the inmates ladies on Finding God’s Heart!

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Daughters Team in Denver Women’s Prison!!!

Please pray for Daughters team

led by Becca Jordan-Irwin and Anna Holt

going into Denver Women’s Prison this coming Saturday!

Pray each inmate responds to the call of Jesus through HIs Spirit

to come to salvation, grow in the Word,

and recive hope from the testimonies of faith.

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Freedom with Jesus in South Miami Prison!!!

Daughters team led by Katherine Barry

will be headed south of Miami

to go inside the Homestead women’s prison

on Friday, March 10th!!!

Please pray for the power of Jesus Christ

to open the hearts of the inmates as Katherine teaches The Seven Steps to Freedom!!

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Finding Freedom in Los Angeles Jail

Daughters team led by Debbie Ormonde, Be Finally Free,

is hoping to reach the inmate ladies residing in the Los Angeles jail

with a message of Freedom in Jesus this coming Friday 17th, and Saturday 18th!

Please pray for the team, the inmates, and that all will go forward for them to get inside.

Thank you Jesus!

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South Miami Women’s Prison Walking in the Spirit!

Tomorrow, Jan 27, SW FL Daughters team goes into Homestead women’s prison south of Miami.

The team led by Mary Ann Lee brings a seminar on learning

to Walk in the Spirit with Jesus Christ our God.

Please pray the Word brings truth and understanding to His incarcerated Daughters in this prison.

Thank you.

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Daughters Team brings PTSD help to female inmates in MO prison!!!!

werdcc-used-1-2017Please pray for Daughters team led by Shelly Beach as they head over to Vandalia, MO and the women’s prison. Shelly & Wanda will be instructing the inmate ladies regarding PTSD and the surprising number of incarcerated women who battle with the physical, emotional, and spiritual damage of having been traumatized by abuse. Pray safety and strength the team, as many of you know, both Shelly and Wanda have been going through many health issues, but God will use them as His Warriors for His Glory!!!

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Denver Women’s Prison Christmas Party!!!

christmas-2016  Celebrating JESUS was wonderful inside Denver women’s prison. 

  The inmate ladies were blessed and so was the Daughters!

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