Our Leaders

Mel Goebel, CEO & Founder; Annie Goebel, President

We grew up miles apart but in similar situations; each with an alcoholic parent plus emotional and physical abuse in the home.  Most kids enjoyed love and support while learning they had value. We feared personal harm while learning rejection and insecurity.

By our choices, we each left home, dropped out of school, and got into criminal activities. We took our first convictions as just part of our lives, neither seeking nor getting any input, encouragement, or help to change. Back out, we continued deeper into the lies we believed about ourselves:  worthless and unloved; nothing but a drug-addicted, wasted life existing for the next thrill.

Praise God for sending people into our paths who cared about prisoners, shared their faith with us, and engaged in our lives as mentors.

Our journeys to hope started in different situations but followed similar paths. The first step was recognizing our desperate need for help at the same time Jesus met us through the words and love of people who knew Him. Our choices forced the need. We faced our responsibility and chose to listen. Jesus walked through that open door, made real through His Word delivered by people. We were each on our way to a new destiny.

Believers on the outside came around us to teach, encourage, and guide us spiritually. We participated gladly while realizing their part—consistent, inviting, ready—was a gift we did not deserve. We saw, touched, and heard God’s grace through them. We each studied Scripture on our own, but needed guidance into the essential truths.  Relationships emerged; ones that continue today! These early days in the faith were critical: breaking the bondage Satan held over our hearts and minds; re-directing our lives according to God’s desires, not ours.

Upon release, each of us walked out of prison and into relationships with people of faith who accepted us personally, helped us socially, and mentored us spiritually. In the communities we chose to re-enter society, these people encouraged us to avoid people who misled us before, helped us get jobs, and find fellowship.

Not at the time, but later, we each realized how God and His people had stretched a net of grace that caught and carried us. This net was unknowingly woven by the people in each of the three groups—those who first introduced us to Jesus, the ones who came regularly to teach, and those on the outside.  We also became convinced, later, that if any one of these groups had been absent that we most likely would not have escaped Satan’s grip on our lives through our self-destructive ways.

With new direction for life, plus encouragement and help from mentors, we each began to give back to society in our own ways, still miles apart and unknown to each other.

Mel returned to the Nebraska State Penitentiary for ministry and then led Prison Fellowship in Nebraska and Colorado. He also completed a university degree in Organizational Communications.

Annie entered school in South Dakota, completed a GED, an undergraduate degree in Public Education and a graduate degree in Educational Curriculum and Technology. These helped her open doors to teach public school.

Mel traveled to South Dakota to expand a new prison ministry God had laid on his heart—one specifically for women; presenting the Gospel in prisons; teaching and nurturing those who responded, and then providing women of faith on the outside ready to encourage and mentor the ladies who were involved while in prison. The path modeled the journey and the three groups of people that God orchestrated to bring him to a new destiny. He called the new ministry Daughters of Destiny.

Annie heard about the promotional event and felt compelled to go. Learning about the ministry, she realized she was a Daughter of Destiny—following God’s new destiny because He provided a nearly identical path with people of faith along the way.

Today, as husband and wife, both transformed by Jesus Christ and given a new destiny, we serve to empower hundreds of thousands of women of faith who together will stretch a net of God’s grace across our country for women in prison and Daughters of Destiny released from prison.

We invite you to join with us.

Mel & Annie Goebel
Founder-CEO & President