Introducting Daughters of Destiny

OUR CALLING: is working out through our driving passion for leading women out of personal and spiritual brokenness to wholeness and abundant life in Jesus Christ through salvation by faith, God’s grace, and His transforming work. We assist the Church, women’s groups, and individuals in ministry to the incarcerated female and welcoming her upon release.

In response, we:

  • Invite women in prison to receive salvation by faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Teach and nurture all who respond to grow in faith and relationship with Jesus Christ through our Full Circle Ministry that begins immediately while the ladies are incarcerated and continues indefinitely after release.

We are directing all our resources to:

  • Establish Daughters of Destiny Leadership Teams across America.
  • Build our ministry programs in every women’s prison in America.
  • Partner with Welcome Mentor Churches in communities in each state.
  • Maintain contact with Daughters released from prison.
  • Engage released Daughters giving back through our ministry programs.

We have achieved substantial progress toward these target objectives.

Learn more on why Daughters of Destiny is a valuable and effective agent of change for female inmates.

Currently, Daughters of Destiny has 846 trained volunteers providing our Full Circle Ministry in 30 states for 14,516 inmates (Daughters Inside) in 289 correctional facilities and another 5,488 ladies (Daughters Free) who have been released from prison. Ministry activity for the over 20,000 Daughters served is supervised by volunteer Area Leadership Teams throughout the states and 3 paid staff working at our National Service Office in Bonita Springs, FL.

All 20,004 Daughters of Destiny members are registered in our national network. We are in contact with them through our Full Circle Ministry initiatives.

Daughters of Destiny aims to benefit all of America because there are detention centers, jails, prisons, and penitentiaries for female youth and adults in every state. These facilities are continually releasing inmates who may reside in any community in any state. Every women’s detention facility and any community in America may benefit from Daughters of Destiny ministry.

We respond to requests for help with female inmate reform and successful re-entry to society from private or Christian groups and government agencies anywhere in the world.

Learn more on why Daughters of Destiny is a valuable and effective agent of change for female inmates.