SC Women’s Maximum Prison!

CyndySherwood It is my joy to report to you that around 18 women indicated accepting the Lord as their Savior this weekend! And, just as exciting but harder to quantify, many women were restored and  healed from painful wounds. And, not nearly as important, but wonderful, nevertheless, we didn’t have a single “issue” getting into the prison each time or in conducting the teaching    seminars!  Also, the travel went off without a hitch! How about that! I think it gets a perfect 10!!!

We served a…bout 100 women. Because it was the same group all 3 sessions, I not only shared my testimony, but I taught them the Healing Steps from the Healing Journey Class. Shelly  McGraw did a wonderful job leading the ladies in some really great music and singing.

Karma and Darlene (the ground team for the Leath prison) go in every week and minister to these women, so please consider praying for them, too. They are an awesome team and make my job much easier.

And that’s a wrap! That concludes my teaching, training, travels, and trips for this year! Thank you VERY VERY MUCH for covering me in prayer through it all. You are a vital piece in God’s  kingdom work.

May the joy of the Lord bless you today,

Cyndy Sherwood

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